Karen Attwood

Karen Attwood is an award-winning writer and journalist with 17 years’ experience working on international and national newspapers and magazines. She is currently writing a book Girl With A Gun with former peshmerga fighter Diana Nammi, which is being published by Unbound.

Karen is a former staff writer at the Independent on Sunday where she wrote features and interviews for news, arts and The New Review magazine; the Independent, where she was a business reporter; and the Press Association, where she spent five years on breaking news on everything from the courts and the City to the Royals and showbiz.

Karen has reported from Japan on the impact of the 2012 tsunami on the sake industry, from Nepal on the slow recovery following two devastating earthquakes in 2015, and she was recently surrounded by armed militia in Central African Republic, while looking at the impact of conflict on malnutrition rates for aid organisation Action Against Hunger.

Karen writes regularly about gender equality, international development, food and nutrition as well as the arts. She has lived in Japan and the United Arab Emirates and enjoys writing about the cultures of both countries. She spent one year on the launch team of Abu Dhabi’s The National before stringing in Dubai and her work has been published in all UK national newspapers and in international titles, such as Germany’s Stern magazine and Japan’s Mainichi Shinbun.

Following her daughter’s diagnosis with leukaemia at the age of two Karen has written regularly about childhood cancers and healthcare and life as a carer.

She has also worked at Japan’s Broadcasting Corporation, (NHK) in London, and has been interviewed for Women’s Hour, on Sky News and ITV and BBC news. She also runs a media training business Nine Media.

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