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Girl With A Gun

Girl with A Gun, the story of Diana Nammi’s life as a peshmerga fighter, was published in March 2020. Karen and Diana are currently having discussions about the book being made into a film. Watch this space!

Girl With A Gun Book Cover


Girl With A Gun

Born in the Kurdish region of Iran, Diana Nammi became a fighter with the peshmerga – Kurdish freedom fighters – when she was only seventeen. She had been involved in politics as a teenager and played a part in the Iranian Revolution of 1979. The new Islamic regime tolerated no opposition, and, at risk of execution, Diana felt she had no choice but to become a soldier in the famed military force. She spent twelve years on the front line, and helped lead the struggle for women’s rights and equality, becoming one of the Iranian regime’s most wanted in the process. As well as being the startling account of Diana’s time as a fighter, Girl with a Gun is also a narrative about family and resilience, with a powerful love story at its heart.

Girl With A Gun will soon be available in audio book.


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